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Backup Camera Installation

With today's technology, so many safety features come standard on cars and trucks. From air bags to ABS, your vehicle is already equipped with a variety of electronics that can help keep you safe. But there is one critical safety feature that still isn't standard on basic vehicle models: backup cameras. Rear view cameras and sensors can be key in keeping you free from collisions when you're reversing and can even help protect those around you. If you want the safety and security of a backup camera system for your car or truck, Car-feteria can help. We specialize in the most cutting-edge technology from in-car entertainment to aftermarket safety features like rear view backup cameras, and we can help you get the protection you need. Don't settle for less than complete safety just because your car is older or you opted for a basic model. Call Car-feteria today and learn more about rear view camera installation and your car.

Providing drivers with a clear view of what is behind their vehicle, backup camera systems offer additional protection by showing you exactly what's in your vicinity. There's no more guesswork, and no more craning your neck over your shoulder struggling to see if your path is free of obstacles. Rear view backup cameras provide a wide-angle perspective displaying anything that's around your bumper, so you can know for certain that there is nothing—and no one—behind you.

Car-feteria offers both wired and wireless backup cameras, and we can help you determine which system best meshes with your needs. Our selection of backup accessories also includes backup sensors that beep when they detect an nearby obstacle. A great alternative to a car rear view camera, backup sensors can also complement a rear view camera for the most comprehensive protection available. At Car-feteria, our mobile electronics installers can set up entirely new rear view camera installations or we can integrate a new backup camera with your existing video screen. No matter what your wired or wireless backup camera needs, our experts are here to help you.

Backup camera systems may seem like an unnecessary luxury, but that couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, lawmakers have proposed making rear view cameras mandatory in new vehicles by 2014. That's because the simple fact is that backup cameras save lives. In addition to helping you avoid fender benders like backing into the neighbor's mailbox or reversing into a tree, these backup sensor and camera systems also help prevent backover accidents. With today's large trucks and SUVs, it can be hard to see clearly what's behind your vehicle when you're moving backwards, and that sometimes ends in tragedy. Nearly 300 people die each year in backover accidents and another 18,000 are injured. Of the fatalities, half are children under the age of five. Installing a backup camera will provide you with the rear view visibility to ensure one of these tragedies doesn't happen to your family. Call Car-feteria now to learn about our car rear view camera systems and how they can safeguard your vehicle as well as those around you. We're here to bring you protection and peace of mind, so contact us right away!

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