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Car Alarms

Car theft is a sad, but very real, fact of life. Even as car theft rates drop across the country, thousands of cars are stolen every year. That's why it's so important to install a car alarm on your vehicle. Don't just cross your fingers and hope your car will still be where you parked it when you get back! Get a complete vehicle security system from Car-feteria and get complete peace of mind. Whether you're concerned about your investment in mobile electronics or you just want to avoid the emotional and financial upset of having your car stolen, putting in a car alarm system can go a long way toward deterring theft. If you're ready to protect your car or truck, you've come to the right place—contact us today to learn more.

At Car-feteria, we carry a variety of car alarm systems, and we can help you select from various features to customize your protection to suit your needs. Some of the options available with our vehicle security systems include:

  • Remote starters
  • Keyless entry
  • Dual shock sensors
  • Glass sensors
  • Two-way remotes
  • Ignition interruption
  • Auto paging (to notify you via text when your car has been started)

In fact, we even offer car alarms that can be activated via your iPhone or smartphone! Bringing you the latest technology in car alarms and security since 1965, our professionals are your answer for protecting your ride! Combining superior experience in the car electronics industry and cutting-edge equipment, Car-feteria is the solution for the ultimate vehicle security and protection in Milwaukee.

For complete security, it's important to have your car security alarm professionally installed. Car alarms that are put in by amateurs often fail to work properly and leave your vehicle vulnerable! But with expert car alarm installation from the experienced pros at Car-feteria, you can count on your security system to perform at its peak. We have 50 years of expertise in complete, correct car alarm installation, and we can make certain you get the quality you deserve. Don't risk it with DIY vehicle security installs—call now for first-class components, expert installers, and top-quality car security alarm protection.

We work with a number of different car alarm models from the industry's leading manufacturers. By providing you with top-notch car alarm systems, the Car-feteria team can make certain you get the features and protection you can rely on. Our vehicle security equipment comes from brands like:

  • Alpine
  • Kenwood
  • Viper
  • And other industry leaders

GPS Tracking Systems

Ever wish you could know where your vehicle was all the time? Whether you have a teenage driver, manage a fleet of commercial vehicles, or have been burned by the trauma of a stolen car, a car tracking GPS system is a practical way to keep tabs on your vehicle in almost any situation. Often referred to by the brand-name LoJack, GPS tracking systems use satellite technology to locate your car or truck and even record data like speed. These vehicle tracking systems can be key in helping law enforcement officials find a stolen car, but they can also provide parents with the ability to monitor their young drivers and management the opportunity to better oversee their fleets. No matter why you're interested in a GPS tracking system, Car-feteria is here to help. We can install a vehicle tracking system for your car or truck, adding another layer of protection and security into your car alarm system. And remember, the majority of stolen vehicles are never recovered: a LoJack or car tracking GPS system can make all the difference. Learn more when you call now!

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