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Device Integration

Providing cutting-edge technology both in 1965 when we first opened our doors and today, Car-feteria specializes in connecting you with the high-tech solutions you need for the ultimate driving experience!

iPod Integration

Your iPod makes it simple and easy to take all your favorite music and even videos wherever you go—except in your car. But with an iPod integration system from Car-feteria, we can help you enjoy your mp3 player with the same convenience when you're behind the wheel as when you're walking down the street! Our iPod integration devices directly interface your music player with your car audio system, enabling you to listen to your music right through your car stereo speakers and control your playlists, albums, and songs right on your car audio deck's display. Many of our iPod integration systems even interface with your video components so you can watch movies and podcasts saved on your iPod! And, unlike old-school FM transmitter systems, iPod installation from Car-feteria brings you great quality sound without the static. We offer a variety of different iPod integration options including both hardwired and wireless models, and we can help you get the right system for your vehicle and your specific needs. Take your driving experience to the next level with iPod installation from Car-feteria!

Bluetooth Integration

Using your cell phone while driving is unsafe, but it's hard to resist chatting when you're behind the wheel. Stay safe with a hands-free Bluetooth integration system! At Car-feteria, our professionals provide sales and installation on a variety of Bluetooth systems that enable you to safely and conveniently talk on the phone while you're behind the wheel. Ideal for both business and pleasure, we have a huge selection of add-on, stand-alone, and integrated car stereo-Bluetooth kits and our experts can help match you with the system that's best for your vehicle, talking style, and budget. With a number of great features available, most of our Bluetooth integration systems offer touch-screen operation, voice texting, voice command, on-screen caller ID, and more. When you call Car-feteria, you can keep both hands on the wheel and talk on your cell phone at the same time—call today for the ultimate in driving convenience!

Satellite Radios

Annoyed that your favorite radio station is only in range for half of your commute? Wish you could enjoy the radio without the static or pesky commercials? Want a better way to enjoy radio while you're on the road? With satellite radio, you can free yourself from the limitations of terrestrial radio! At Car-feteria, we have the top-quality satellite radios you need to get the most out of your car audio system. With practically unlimited station range, you can drive almost anywhere—including across the country—without ever exceeding the range of your favorite station. Other benefits of satellite radio receivers include:

  • Top-quality sound
  • Humongous channel selection including talk, music, sports, and even comedy stations
  • No or limited commercials

Car-feteria is your resource for satellite radio in Milwaukee. We provide one-stop sales and installation on a great selection of satellite radio options for your car or truck. Offering integrated car audio decks (that include satellite, CD players, and even GPS), we also offer add-on units compatible with both factory and aftermarket car stereos. Our mobile electronics professionals can make sure you get the satellite radio receiver that's best for your needs as well as the custom installation workmanship you deserve!

Radar Detectors

Whether you like to drive fast or just want to avoid traffic congestion caused by accidents, radar detectors can help improve your driving experience! Alerting you to the presence of speed cameras, speed traps, and even police officers at the scene of a wreck, your radar detector from Car-feteria can help ensure your drive is smooth and hassle-free—not to mention ticket-free. Offering both windshield mounted and fully integrated radar detector systems, we have options that are ideal for all types of drivers and vehicles. We can even install the radar sensors wirelessly for non-invasive, discreet installation. Let us help make your drive the best it can be. Contact us by phone or e-mail today to learn more about your vehicle and our radar detector installation services.

  • IPod Integration
  • Mp3 Player Integration
  • Bluetooth Integration
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